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EPC Surveys

  • DJ Surveying now offer EPCs

    Individual Sampling

    In addition to asbestos surveys, DJ Surveying are now able to offer you EPCs at great rates.

    Contact us free on 0800 061 2597 or use our online quotation form to arrange your EPC for as little as £59.

  • Residential Energy Performance Certificate

    Individual Sampling

    Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are required by law if you are selling or renting a home, or building a new residential property. The Energy Performance Certificate describes the energy efficiency of a property. The energy rating is represented graphically on a scale from A to G, similar to what you may be familiar with when purchasing a new kitchen appliance.

    The EPC is made available to potential buyers and tenants so that they can compare properties with regard to potential room and water heating costs, and to enable them to identify potential energy savings.

    The EPC also shows the environmental impact of a building in terms of its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

    If you are worried about how your home will compare, you may be relieved to know that the average property in the UK is in bands D-E for both ratings.

    Approximately 40% of the UK's energy consumption results from domestic use such as lighting, heating, washing, etc. The energy performance certificate will help to reduce this consumption by providing appropriate recommendations to help improve the energy efficiency of your property.

    A guide to the possible annual cost savings in fuel bills that could be achieved by following these recommendations is also included in the report.

    Contact us free on 0800 061 2597 to arrange your Residential EPC for £59, fixed price regardless of the size of your home.

  • Commercial Energy Performance Certificate

    Asbestos Management Survey

    A commercial energy performance certificate is intended to give an estimate of the energy usage and CO2 emissions of a building and is based upon an asset rating system of A-G. The certificate calculates the current energy efficiency of the building and aims to recommend viable improvement measures. The purpose of a commercial EPC is to provide the prospective purchaser or tenant with enough information to compare one building against another of similar type from an energy usage perspective.

    Commercial Energy Performance Certificates are required prior to the sale or lease of a property, including the assignment of an existing lease. EPCs are also legally required prior to sales by liquidators/receivers, inter-company transfers and leasebacks.

    The EPC has to be made available at the earliest opportunity once your property is marketed.

    The following properties are exempt from Commercial EPCs:

    Completely detached free-standing units under 50sqm;

    Places of worship;

    Temporary buildings;

    Buildings due to be demolished by a prospective buyer;

    Industrial sites, workshops and agricultural buildings where the property is not air conditioned or heated.

    All other properties legally require an EPC when being sold or leased. To arrange an inspection, or if you are unsure as to whether or not your building requires an energy performance certificate, contact us on 0800 061 2597 and we will be happy to assist you.