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  • Rhyl Asbestos Testing

    rhyl asbestos pipe insulation

    If you are suspicious of a material in your home or business and need to find out whether or not it contains asbestos, then contact us now. We will call at a time to suit you to carry out sampling and testing of the material.

    In many instances, we can give you a good 'on-the-spot' indication as to whether or not the material contains asbestos. However, we will always sample the material and analyse it using polarized light microscopy techniques to determine for certain whether or not asbestos fibres are present.

    This involves safely collecting a small representative sample, either a small scraping or a piece of the material approximately in size. The sample is then analysed under laboratory conditions to determine whether or not asbestos is present. If asbestos fibres are identified, we will give you all necessary information to safely manage, repair or remove the material in question.

  • How much does this cost?

    Asbestos Rope Rhyl

    Our asbestos sampling & testing service costs just £49 for the first sample, with a great low rate for additional samples. This rate applies to business and residential premises within Rhyl and other North Wales coastal towns.

  • Can I post my sample to you?

    Asbestos Survey Chester

    We prefer to collect samples in person due to the risks involved with untrained persons collecting samples of potential asbestos materials.

    Also, by collecting samples in person direct from the site, we can offer free advice directly relating to the material based on its condition and location within the property.

    See our asbestos information page for helpful advice and information on what materials may contain asbestos and whether or not it may require testing.